Halo 👋

Nice to meet you. My name is ilham from Indonesia. Currently, I'm working at one of the e-wallet startup as a software engineer. Beside working, I love to playing games, read books, and write on my blog. Technologies I enjoy working with includes Go, Docker, and Kubernetes.

About Me

  • 👀 I have deuteranopia (red - green color blindness).
  • 👍 Interestingly, my favorite color is red and blue.
  • 🧠 Learning how to scale an app, DevOps culture and the tools.
  • ❗ Always use TDD. If I push code without tests, then I'm not confident with my code.
  • 🕶️ Dark mode fanatic .
  • 👉 Love playing ğŸŽ® video games and 📖 reading books.
  • ⌨️ Looking for an "endgame" in mechanical keyboard. Even though it's just a myth.